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Complete Specifications

Folding Cribbage Board with Metal Pegs
3 Brass & 3 Silver plated

Pleasant Times Industries presents exquisite folding hinged Cribbage Board inlaid with brass/White Maple. The Cribbage board comes with Brass & Silver plated pegs.

Inlay Work :
The exquisite Cribbage Board has been inlaid with Brass/White Maple by inlay specialists. The Brass of 2mm thick has been inlaid in wood board and special finish given to the board by lacquer polish.

Metal Pegs:
The Crib board comes with 3 Brass & 3 Silver plated pegs manufactured on CNC lathe machine which gives the accurate size and design to every peg. Each pawn has 1/4" peg (Extension) which fits inside the hole.

Storage Space:  Pleasant Times Industries has designed the Storage room for Pegs in the cribbage board first time in the history of cribbage manufacturing. Unique storage section with sliding lid has been created on one side of crib board by extracting the wood. The Green velvet felt has been applied inside the storage section.

Sliding lid:
Exclusively designed by Pleasant Times Industries. The storage section is closed by shock proof sliding lid with ball lock which holds the lid tightly and doesn’t let it fall.

You can see the detailed features of folding Cribbage board in the following images.

Click on Images to see Enlarged View:

Slightly Opened Lid Showing
Storage room for Pegs

Brass & Silver Plated Pegs

Showing Ball Lock, It holds the Lid tightly.

·  Length: 9-1/2" (241mm.) in opened position, 4-1/4" (120 mm.) in Closed position
2-1/8" ( 55 mm. )
·  Thickness/Height of board: 7/8" (22 mm) in opened position, 1-3/4" (44 mm.) in Closed position
  Weight: 8 oz. ( 225 Grams)
  Style: Folding
  Number of Tracks: 2
·  Pegs: 6 Pegs ( 3 Brass & 3 Silver Plated )
·  Includes: 6 Pegs